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Skype login screen missing or blank

After researching a bit I come to know that this issue is due to Internet Explorer v10 in which there’s Javascript issue because latest version of skype uses javascript to show login screen. 1. I manage to resolve this issue … Continue reading

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Windows 7 64-bit JRE or Applet loading failed issue in Mozilla or IE

You need to install latest version of 32-bit JRE instead of 64-bit. Because Mozilla is 32-bit and I think it did not support 64-bit JRE.

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Install WebSphere Portal V6.0 in Windows 7 for development

Officially WebSphere Portal V6.0 is not supported onto Windows 7, but you can install it by changing the compatibility mode of the installer \W-Setup\dist\”winwpinstall.exe” to Windows XP. 1. Right click winwpinstall.exe, then click Properties > Compatibility. 2. Check the box … Continue reading

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JVM max heap size on 32-bit platform for WebSphere Portal

Maximum JVM heap size for 32-bit platform can be set from 1.5-2 GB. But mostly the optimum value is about 1280 MB. It turns out that memory locations in a 32-bit system are referenced by 32-bit unsigned integers. This allows … Continue reading

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Add/Remove WebSphere Portal in Windows service

Run the following commands to add WebSphere Portal into Windows services: 1. WASService -add WebSphere_Portal -servername WebSphere_Portal -profilePath C:IBMWebSpherewp_profile -wasHome C:IBMWebSphereAppServer -logFile  C:IBMWebSpherewp_profilelogsWebSphere_PortalstartServer.log -logRoot C:IBMWebSpherewp_profilelogsWebSphere_Portal -restart true 2. WASService -add  WebSphere_Portal -servername WebSphere_Portal -profilePath C:IBMWebSpherewp_profile -stopArgs “-username wpsadmin -password wpsadmin” … Continue reading

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Configure WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 with Active Directory 2003 as Standalone

1. Install active directory by running the comamnd dcpromo.msc 2. Installing ADSI Edit tool by running the setup Win2k3_install_cdSupportToolsSUPTOOLS.MSI 3. Run adsiedit.msc and navigate to Cn=Schema > CN=Configuration, DC=domain,DC=com 4. Set defaultHidingValue to FALSE for cn=container object 5. Create a … Continue reading

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Juniper Network Connect Client troubleshooting

I faced Juniper firewall connection issue with Juniper Network Connect Client from my machine to the remote firewall about one week. Even I removed my machine from domain, assigned a public IP, disabled local firewall and antivirus but no success! … Continue reading

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