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WCM XPath queries to list contents

List all the contents in a library -> //element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webFolder)[@jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a‘]//element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webContent)[(@ibmcontentwcm:workflowStatus = 1 )] order by sortkey(@icm:title, ‘en’) ascending jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a -> uid of the Contents of library that you can find from WCMSupportTools > Browse Nodes  … Continue reading

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JSP Reloading in WebSphere Portal V8

WebSphere Portal Server V8.0: – Note this method is applicable if the themes directories are located into wps.war module. – Login to WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console. – Navigate to “Enterprise Applications > wps > JSP and JSF options” – Enable/Check … Continue reading

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PropFilePasswordEncoder to encode passwords in soap.client.props

Enter the password in “/profiles/AppSrv01/properties/soap.client.props” for the property “” Run the following command: /profiles/bin/ /profiles/AppSrv01/properties/soap.client.props References:

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Refresh All WCM items in a virtual portal


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WCM Security Update task

./ run-wcm-admin-task-update-security -DPortalAdminPwd=passw0rd -DWasPassword=passw0rd -Dlibrary=MyLib -DinheritPerms=apply -DlibSecurity=true -DpreserveDates=true Note: Add -DVirtualPortalContext=VP to run the task for the library in virtual portal.

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Import WCM library

1. Import a single library:./ import-wcm-data -DWasPassword=wpsadmin -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -Dimport.libraryname=MyLib 2. Import a single library in a Virtual Portal:./ import-wcm-data -DWasPassword=wpsadmin -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -DVirtualPortalContext=myvp -Dimport.libraryname=MyLib 3. Import all libraries:./ import-wcm-data -DWasPassword=wpsadmin -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin 4. Import all libraries in a Virtual … Continue reading

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Export WCM library

1. Export a single library: ./ export-wcm-data -DWasPassword=wpsadmin -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -Dexport.libraryname=MyLib 2. Export a single library in a Virtual Portal: ./ import-wcm-data -DWasPassword=wpsadmin -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -DVirtualPortalContext=myvp -Dimport.libraryname=MyLib 3. Export all libraries: ./ export-wcm-data -DWasPassword=wpsadmin -DPortalAdminPwd=wpsadmin -Dexport.allLibraries=true -Dexport.singledirectory=true 4. Export all … Continue reading

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