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Setup IBM Integration Bus command environment in Linux

Update the files /var/mqm/.bashrc and /var/mqm/.bash_profile with the followings: # The following three lines have been added for IBM Integration Bus if [ -f /opt/ibm/mqsi/ ]; then . /opt/ibm/mqsi/ fi if [ -f /opt/mqm/bin/setmqenv ]; then . /opt/mqm/bin/setmqenv -s fi … Continue reading

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IBM Integration Bus commands

List: mqsiservice -v mqsilist mqsilist -r mqsilist brkname mqsilist brkname -d2 mqsilist brkname -e execgrp mqsilist brkname -e execgrp -d 2 ps -ef|grep Data dspmq dspmqver Start/Stop: mqsistop brkname (-i -r) mqsistart brkname mqsistopmsgflow broker -e execgrp mqsistartmsgflow broker -e execgrp Report: mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp-o … Continue reading

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