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tmux and screen basic commands

tmux: tmux | tmux new -s “mysession”          (Start a new session) tmux ls                       (List sessions) ctrl+b d | exit            (Detach or … Continue reading

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Python basics

(i) Install and configure git: yum install git && vim-enhanced git config –global “User” git config –global “user@python.local” cur -o ~/.bashrc cur -o ~/.vimrc mkdir sample; touch sample.txt; cd sample git init git status git add –all . git … Continue reading

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Setup route between two hosts

i) centos host:  (IP:; Netmask:; Gateway: Add the following into /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens33 NAME=ens33                               DEVICE=ens33 BOOTPROTO=static ONBOOT=yes IPADDR= NETMASK=   (No GATEWAY here because its defined in … Continue reading

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Ubuntu basic commands

i) Advanced Packaging Tool (apt): apt-get: apt-get update (updates only the list of available packages and their versions, but will not perform any update) apt-get upgrade (this will actually updates already installed packages, must run update before upgrade) apt-get upgrade … Continue reading

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No supported authentication methods available (Server sent: publickey)

First of all make sure you have setup ssh keys correctly by following the post: In /var/log/secure, if you noticed the error “Authentication refused bad ownership or modes for directory“, then you need to set “StrictModes no” in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and … Continue reading

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Configure keystore for an execution group on a Broker

mqsisetdbparms brkname -n brokerTruststore::password -u temp -p password mqsichangeproperties brkname -e execgrp -o ComIbmJVMManager -n keystoreFile -v /opt/brkr/keystore.jks mqsichangeproperties brkname -e execgrp -o ComIbmJVMManager -n keystoreType -v JKS mqsichangeproperties brkname -e execgrp -o ComIbmJVMManager -n keystorePass -v brokerKeystore::password mqsichangeproperties brkname … Continue reading

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WCM XPath queries to list contents

List all the contents in a library -> //element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webFolder)[@jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a‘]//element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webContent)[(@ibmcontentwcm:workflowStatus = 1 )] order by sortkey(@icm:title, ‘en’) ascending jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a -> uid of the Contents of library that you can find from WCMSupportTools > Browse Nodes  … Continue reading

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