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Ansible basics

  Install Ansible in CentOS 7: Setup ansible user on each hosts/nodes: Setup user and keys on Ansible controller node: Ad-hoc Ansible commands: Playbooks: inventory.txt: web.yml: Config files: Docs: Advertisements

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Install Jenkins in Linux behind Nginx as Reverse Proxy

Install Nginx: Reference: Setup Jenkins: Install Jenkins: Setup Jenkins user: Add firewall rule: Configure Jenkins:  Jenkins configs: Jenkins CLI: Jenkins inside Docker: Configure Docker with Jenkins: Configure Git with Jenkins:  

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Version Control Systems

Git setup: Required: General: Windows: Github repository clone to local directory: Add local repository to Github: Add/Remove/Commit: Checkout/Push/Merge: Store credentials: Script: SVN setup: Install SVN: Basic commands:

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Setup Cntlm proxy in Linux

Setup proxy in CentOS 7: Setup corporate proxy: Setup cntlm:   Setup proxy in Ubuntu: Setup corporate proxy: Setup cntlm: Common Issues: CentOS7 /var/log/messages: cntlm[8976]: Error creating a new PID file: Windows 10: Couldn’t start Cntlm service: Open regedit.exe and go … Continue reading

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tmux and screen basic commands

tmux: tmux | tmux new -s “mysession”          (Start a new session) tmux ls                       (List sessions) ctrl+b d | exit            (Detach or … Continue reading

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Firewalld and iptables commands

i) firewall-cmd (iptables): yum install  firewalld  firewall-config systemctl status|start|stop|enable|disable firewalld firewall-cmd –state firewall-cmd –reload firewall-cmd –list-all | –list-ports firewall-cmd –panic-on |–panic-off    (Block all incoming or outgoing traffic) zones: firewall-cmd  –get-zones|–get-default-zone|–get-active-zone firewall-cmd  –set-default-zone=trusted  [–permanent]  services: firewall-cmd –list-services firewall-cmd –add-service=ftp         [–permanent]  [–zone=public] … Continue reading

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Setup Squid proxy server in Linux

Squid: Allow access for a local network: yum install squid Add the following in /etc/squid/squid.conf after: # INSERT YOUR OWN RULE(S) HERE acl mynetwork src http_access allow mynetwork #http_access allow localnet       (Comment it because it contains squid -k … Continue reading

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