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AIX commands

find /opt/maydir -type f -name “request.log” find . -type d -name “*abc” du -sk /usr/IBM/WebSphere|sort -n -r|head (Find out the size of all directories in a given directory) Advertisements

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Create a standalone WAS profile

In 64-bit platforms graphical wizard is not available to create profiles in WebSphere Application Server. So we have to use command based profile managment tool to create the profile, following command can be used to create standalone profiles: /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/ -create … Continue reading

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Remote X11 display on AIX

1. Install xmin on your PC. 2. ¬†On the AIX check, that ssh X11 forwarding requests are allowed: # grep X11Forwarding /etc/ssh/sshd_config X11Forwarding yes 3. If it’s necessary, change the value and restart the ssh service. You can do it … Continue reading

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Oracle commands

ps -ef | grep pmon (List active instances) cat /etc/oratab (List instance installed) ORACLE_SID=INST1 sqlplus “/ as sysdba” (Connect to the instance) ORACLE_SID=INST1 sqlplus “/as sysdba” @/tmp/grantrights.sql shutdown immediate; startup SELECT username from dba_users (List all the schemas in a … Continue reading

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