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Configure WebSphere Portal with Active Directory over SSL as Federated Repository

1. Update the following parameteres in the template file wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine/config/helpers/ federated.ldap.port=636 federated.ldap.bindDN=cn=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=ibm,dc=com federated.ldap.bindPassword=wpsadmin federated.ldap.ldapServerType=AD2003 federated.ldap.baseDN=dc=ibm,dc=com federated.ldap.sslEnabled=true federated.ldap.sslConfiguration=NodeDefaultSSLSettings Run the following command to update parent property file and validate the connection to LDAP: -> ConfigEngine validate-federated-ldap -DSaveParentProperties=true … Continue reading

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Change from Standalone to Federated repository

1. Update the following properties in the file  wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine/properties/ under the heading VMM Federated LDAP Properties: federated.ldap.port=636 federated.ldap.bindDN=cn=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=mycompany,dc=com federated.ldap.bindPassword=wpsadmin federated.ldap.ldapServerType=AD2003 federated.ldap.baseDN=dc=mycompany,dc=com federated.ldap.sslEnabled=true federated.ldap.sslConfiguration=NodeDefaultSSLSettings 2. Update the following required parameters in the file under VMM Federated repository properties: federated.primaryAdminId=cn=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=mycompany,dc=com … Continue reading

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Configuring WebSphere Portal v6.1 to use samAccountName as the login

I was able to resolve the issue by removing the following line from wimconfig.xml file: <config:loginProperties>cn</config:loginProperties> OR <config:loginProperties>uid</config:loginProperties> But note that you need to map sAMAccountName in AD with uid in WP.    

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Disable Password Requirements in Windows Server 2003 Domains

1.  Open Administrator Tools > Domain Security Policy 2. Navigate Account Policy > Password Policy 3. Set Minimum password length to 0 and Password must meet complexity requirements to Disabled. 4. You may set remaining policies to Not Defined. 5. Run … Continue reading

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