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Putty X11 proxy: wrong authorization protocol attemptedError

Filed under: Linux — Ishtiaque @ 10:40 am

This error is shown due to missing xauth cookie in non-root user.

  • List down the cookies of the root user:
    xauth list
  • Add that cookie into the specified user:
    su –¬†abc
    xauth add somehost.somedomain:10 MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 4d22408a71a55b41ccd1657d377923ae

You may add xauth permanently into .bashrc or bash_profile file as well.

P.S. You may delete the older entries by using the following command:

  • xauth remove¬†somehost.somedomain:10
  • xauth list | cut -f1 -d\ | xargs -i xauth remove {}

References: https://debian-administration.org/article/494/Getting_X11_forwarding_through_ssh_working_after_running_su http://dbadump.blogspot.sg/2011/02/clean-up-old-xauth-entries.html

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