WCM XPath queries to list contents

  • List all the contents in a library

-> //element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webFolder)[@jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a‘]//element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webContent)[(@ibmcontentwcm:workflowStatus = 1 )] order by sortkey(@icm:title, ‘en’) ascending

  • jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a -> uid of the Contents of library that you can find from WCMSupportTools > Browse Nodes  >  [Root]/contentRoot/icm:libraries[x]/Content
  • ibmcontentwcm:webContent -> It means web contents
  • ibmcontentwcm:workflowStatus = 1 -> It means live items

-> //element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webFolder)[@jcr:uuid = ‘97535b804072745c950eb5a4c2fb2f60’]//element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webContent)[(@icm:creator = ‘cn=myid,ou=users,ou=ibm,dc=com,dc=us’)] order by sortkey(@icm:title, ‘en’) ascending


About Ishtiaque

I am IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect, Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator, Oracle Certified Programmer in Java and Web Component Developer, and TOGAF 9 certified with over 10 years of support and development experience in IBM middleware software and Java. Additionally, have a sound grip in databases and OpenStack administration. I hold the following certifications: IBM Certified Infrastructure Systems Architect Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) TOGAF 9 Certified Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE6 Web Component Developer Oracle Certified Professional – Java 6 Programmer ITIL v3 Foundation Certified IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Computing Infrastructure V1 IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Portal V8, V7, V6.1, V6 IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Application Server V7, V6.1 IBM Certified System Administrator – AIX V7 IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere MQ V7 IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Business Process Manager Advanced V7.5 IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Cloud Computing Architecture V3 IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Portal V5.1
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