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WCM XPath queries to list contents

List all the contents in a library -> //element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webFolder)[@jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a‘]//element(*, ibmcontentwcm:webContent)[(@ibmcontentwcm:workflowStatus = 1 )] order by sortkey(@icm:title, ‘en’) ascending jcr:uuid = ‘e44b9a0049a97888a1b6b1e45894c92a -> uid of the Contents of library that you can find from WCMSupportTools > Browse Nodes  … Continue reading

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Linux basic commands

ls: (-a: all, -l: list, -F: classify, -t: time, -r: reverse, -h: human readable, -S: sort, -i: inode, -d: directory, -n: uid/gid, -R: sub-directories) ls -al; ll            (List all files and directories) ls -F dir      … Continue reading

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