IBM Integration Bus commands


  • mqsiservice -v
  • mqsilist
  • mqsilist -r
  • mqsilist brkname
  • mqsilist brkname -d2
  • mqsilist brkname -e execgrp
  • mqsilist brkname -e execgrp -d 2
  • ps -ef|grep Data
  • dspmq
  • dspmqver


  • mqsistop brkname (-i -r)
  • mqsistart brkname
  • mqsistopmsgflow broker -e execgrp
  • mqsistartmsgflow broker -e execgrp


  • mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp-o AllReportableEntityNames -r
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp -o HTTPConnector -r
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp -o HTTPConnector -r
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp -o HTTPConnector -n port
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp -o ComIbmJVMManager -r
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp -o ComIbmCacheManager -r
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -b cachemanager -o CacheManager -r
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -c JDBCProviders -o AllReportableEntityNames -r
  • mqsireportproperties brkname -c JDBCProviders -o Oracle -r
  • mqsireporttrace brkName
  •  mqsireportbroker brkName


  • mqsiapplybaroverride -b -p -o
  • mqsideploy brkname -e  execgrp -a


  • mqsideleteexecutiongroup bkkname -e execgrp

MQ runmqsc:

  • runmqsc queuemgr (Type “end” to exit)
  • display qlocal(myq*)

Run Listener:

  • runmqlsr -t tcp -p 10000 -m QMgrName &

Open IBM Integration/MQ Explorer and Integration Toolkit

  • /opt/mqm/bin/MQExplorer OR /opt/mqm/bin/strmqcfg  (MQ Explorer)
  • /opt/IBM/IntegrationToolkit90/launcher    (IBM Integration Toolkit)
  • /opt/ibm/mqsi/9.0/sample/ConfigManagerProxy/StartConfigManagerProxyExerciser

Enable/Disable Traces

  • mqsichangetrace brkName -u -e execGrp -l debug -c 5000
  • mqsireadlog brkName -u -e execGrp -o trace.xml (Location: /var/mqm/trace.xml)
  • mqsiformatlog -i trace.xml -o formattrace.log

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