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Health Center. No JVM detected on localhost on port 1972

Change in \AppServer\java\jre\lib\ From To References:   Advertisements

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Create and Export certificates using IBM Key Management Utility (gsk7cmd)

gsk7cmd -cert -list -db /tmp/pdsrv.kdb -pw abc123 gsk7cmd -cert -create -db /tmp/pdsrv.kdb -pw abc123 -label TST_Cert -size 1024 -dn “cn=TST_Cert,cn=ibm,c=com” -expire 2581 gsk7cmd -cert -details -db /tmp/pdsrv.kdb -pw abc123 -label TST_Cert gsk7cmd -cert -export -db /tmp/pdsrv.kdb -pw abc123 -label TST_Cert -type … Continue reading

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IBM Integration Bus commands

List: mqsiservice -v mqsilist mqsilist -r mqsilist brkname mqsilist brkname -d2 mqsilist brkname -e execgrp mqsilist brkname -e execgrp -d 2 ps -ef|grep Data dspmq dspmqver Start/Stop: mqsistop brkname (-i -r) mqsistart brkname mqsistopmsgflow broker -e execgrp mqsistartmsgflow broker -e execgrp Report: mqsireportproperties brkname -e execgrp-o … Continue reading

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AIX commands

find /opt/maydir -type f -name “request.log” find . -type d -name “*abc” du -sk /usr/IBM/WebSphere|sort -n -r|head (Find out the size of all directories in a given directory)

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