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Difference between backupConfig and manageprofiles -backupProfile commands

The <profile_root>/bin/backupConfig backs up only config directory of a profile. But the <profile_root>/bin/manageprofiles -backupProfile command backs up all the directories of a profile that include config, installedApps, properties, logs and others directories. Here’s syntax of both commands: <profile_root>/bin/backupConfig It will … Continue reading

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Encode passwords in property and response files using WebSphere utilities

You can run PropFilePasswordEncoder and ResponseFilePasswordEncoder utilities in WebSphere Application Server to encode the property and response file passwords. Encode passwords in WebSphere property files: USAGE:  PropFilePasswordEncoder  file_name  password_properties_list  [-Backup/-noBackup] EXAMPLE: <was_home>/bin/PropFilePasswordEncoder  <profile_root>/properties/soap.client.props  -Backup Encode passwords in WebSphere response … Continue reading

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Connection leak diagnostics in WebSphere Application Server

– Poorly written applications often do not properly release database connections. Forget to call connection.close(). Most often in the exception case. Connections should be closed in a finally{} block. – Orphaned connections only return to the pool after timeout. Can … Continue reading

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Analyze javacore files – hung thread detection in WebSphere Application Server

Javacore: A javacore is a small diagnostic text file that is produced by the JVM. It contains a lot of vital information about the running JVM process. It provides a snapshot of all the running threads, their stack traces and … Continue reading

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Basics of wsadmin tool

The WebSphere administrative (wsadmin) scripting program is a powerful, non-graphical command interpreter environment enabling you to run administrative operations in a scripting language. The wsadmin tool is intended for production environments and unattended operations. The wsadmin tool provides: Scripting capabilities … Continue reading

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Generate JVM thread and heap dump manually using wsadmin (Jacl) commands

Run /<profile_root>/wsadmin command to connect to the server profile set jvm [$AdminControl completeObjectName type=JVM,process=server1,*] $AdminControl invoke $jvm dumpThreads $AdminControl invoke $jvm generateHeapDump The thread dump (javacore.txt) and heap dump ( files would be created in /<profile_root> directory. Sources:

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Map Java EE application security roles to groups in WebSphere Application Server

Assume we have a Java web app in which we have two servlets Staff and Student. Staff servlet is suppose to be accessed by members of group All-Staff and Student servlet by members of All-student group. Those groups are defined … Continue reading

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