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Add a user in WAS v6.0 admin console

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1. Add the user first inside WAS admin console > System administration > Console

2. Run the following command to encrypt the password

/PortalServer/config/wpsconfig.bat wmm-encrypt –Dpassword=password

2.1 If it’s “Clustered environment”, then checkout wmm files from Dmgr by running the following command but before that make sure you have take backup of existing wmm directory:

wpsconfig.bat check-out-wmm-cfg-files-from-dmgr –DWasPassword=<waspassword>

3. Add the following entry into the file /PortalServer/wmm/wmmWASAdmin.xml, use  and use encypted password return by config task in step-2

<admin logonId=”test” logonPassword=”encrypted password return in step-2” uniqueUserId=”uid=test,o=Default Organization”/>

3.1 If clustered environment then checkin wmm files into Dmgr by running the following command

wpsconfig.bat check-in-wmm-cfg-files-to-dmgr –DWasPassword=<waspassword>

OR alternatively you can skip step-2 and step-3 above and follow the step below:

2. Run the following command to add the user inside wmmWASAdmin.xml file:

/PortalServer/config/work/wmm/bin/updateWmmWASAdminRegistry.bat -action 1 -logonId test -logonPassword test -uniqueUserId "uid=test,cn=users,ou=software,o=ibm"

Actions can be:

1 – add a user
2 – modify a user
3 – delete a user





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