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EJPXA0049E error when running XmlAccess to import xml

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Here’s the error that usually shown in output xml file:

<status element="unknown" result="failed">
<message id="EJPXA0049E">com.ibm.wps.command.xml.XmlFormatException: EJPXA0049E: Input syntax error in line 1 column 1: the XML input does not conform to the XML schema.</message>
<message>org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in prolog.</message>

It’s usually because of some garbage characters added in the xml which was first exported by xmlaccess command.

If the garbage characters are not visible in the initial input file, then do the following:

1. Copy the contents starting at line 2 to last line from the input file
2. Paste the contents in the notepad and save it as xml file
3. Retry the XmlAccess import using the new xml file.


Add a user in WAS v6.0 admin console

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1. Add the user first inside WAS admin console > System administration > Console

2. Run the following command to encrypt the password

/PortalServer/config/wpsconfig.bat wmm-encrypt –Dpassword=password

2.1 If it’s “Clustered environment”, then checkout wmm files from Dmgr by running the following command but before that make sure you have take backup of existing wmm directory:

wpsconfig.bat check-out-wmm-cfg-files-from-dmgr –DWasPassword=<waspassword>

3. Add the following entry into the file /PortalServer/wmm/wmmWASAdmin.xml, use  and use encypted password return by config task in step-2

<admin logonId=”test” logonPassword=”encrypted password return in step-2” uniqueUserId=”uid=test,o=Default Organization”/>

3.1 If clustered environment then checkin wmm files into Dmgr by running the following command

wpsconfig.bat check-in-wmm-cfg-files-to-dmgr –DWasPassword=<waspassword>

OR alternatively you can skip step-2 and step-3 above and follow the step below:

2. Run the following command to add the user inside wmmWASAdmin.xml file:

/PortalServer/config/work/wmm/bin/updateWmmWASAdminRegistry.bat -action 1 -logonId test -logonPassword test -uniqueUserId "uid=test,cn=users,ou=software,o=ibm"

Actions can be:

1 – add a user
2 – modify a user
3 – delete a user




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