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EJPXA0049E error when running XmlAccess to import xml

Here’s the error that usually shown in output xml file: <status element=”unknown” result=”failed”> <message id=”EJPXA0049E”> EJPXA0049E: Input syntax error in line 1 column 1: the XML input does not conform to the XML schema.</message> <message>org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in … Continue reading

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Add a user in WAS v6.0 admin console

1. Add the user first inside WAS admin console > System administration > Console 2. Run the following command to encrypt the password /PortalServer/config/wpsconfig.bat wmm-encrypt –Dpassword=password 2.1 If it’s “Clustered environment”, then checkout wmm files from Dmgr by running the … Continue reading

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