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Migrating from WPv6.1.5 to WPv7

Filed under: WebSphere Portal — Ishtiaque @ 1:32 pm

1. manageprofiles -create -defaultPorts -enableAdminSecurity false -profileName wp_profile7 -profilePath C:/IBM/WebSphere7/wp_profile7 -templatePath C:/IBM/WebSphere7/AppServer/profileTemplates/default -nodeName DefaultNode -cellName DefaultNode -hostName host -isDefault -omitAction samplesInstallAndConfig defaultAppDeployAndConfig

2. WASPreUpgrade C:/IBM/WebSphere7/waspreupgradebk C:/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer -oldProfile wp_profile

3. WASPostUpgrade C:/IBM/WebSphere7/waspreupgradebk -profileName wp_profile7 -oldProfile wp_profile -username wpsadmin  -password wpsadmin -includeApps true -backupConfig false

4. In admin guide it’s suggested to change WPv7 ports after the upgradeConfigEnigne task but as both portal servers are listening on same ports so it may update WPv6.1 configenigne tool. That’s why it’s suggested to do either remote migration or change the ports before running the upgradeConfigEngine task.

In my environment I guess it updated the WPv6.1 configenigne tool because it was not able to run successfully and it was pointing to WPv7 installation location during run time.
5. upgradeConfigEngine wp_profile7 -conntype SOAP -hostname host -port 16040 -user wpsadmin -password wpsadmin




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