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Migrating from WPv6.1.5 to WPv7

1. manageprofiles -create -defaultPorts -enableAdminSecurity false -profileName wp_profile7 -profilePath C:/IBM/WebSphere7/wp_profile7 -templatePath C:/IBM/WebSphere7/AppServer/profileTemplates/default -nodeName DefaultNode -cellName DefaultNode -hostName host -isDefault -omitAction samplesInstallAndConfig defaultAppDeployAndConfig 2. WASPreUpgrade C:/IBM/WebSphere7/waspreupgradebk C:/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer -oldProfile wp_profile 3. WASPostUpgrade C:/IBM/WebSphere7/waspreupgradebk -profileName wp_profile7 -oldProfile wp_profile -username wpsadmin  -password wpsadmin -includeApps … Continue reading

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Change WebSphere Portal ports

Run the following commands: 1. ConfigEngine.bat list-server-ports -DWasPassword=password OR ConfigEngine.bat list-server-ports-by-name -DServerName=server1 -DwasPassword=password 2. ConfigEngine.bat modify-ports-by-startport -DModifyPortsServer=servername -DStartPort=starting port number OR ConfigEngine.bat modify-ports-by-portsfile -DModifyPortsServer=servername -DPortsFile=full path to ports file Here are the contents of sample ports file: BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS=10031 SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS=10033 SAS_SSL_SERVERAUTH_LISTENER_ADDRESS=10032 … Continue reading

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Verify your WebSphere portal installation contains WCM

There are 2 versions of Portal. One is Content and the other is Server. The “Server” version does not contain WCM. You can check in your, whether you have installed the server version which does not contain WCM. Following … Continue reading

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Configure WebSphere Portal with Active Directory over SSL as Federated Repository

1. Update the following parameteres in the template file wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine/config/helpers/ federated.ldap.port=636 federated.ldap.bindDN=cn=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=ibm,dc=com federated.ldap.bindPassword=wpsadmin federated.ldap.ldapServerType=AD2003 federated.ldap.baseDN=dc=ibm,dc=com federated.ldap.sslEnabled=true federated.ldap.sslConfiguration=NodeDefaultSSLSettings Run the following command to update parent property file and validate the connection to LDAP: -> ConfigEngine validate-federated-ldap -DSaveParentProperties=true … Continue reading

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Change from Standalone to Federated repository

1. Update the following properties in the file  wp_profile_root/ConfigEngine/properties/ under the heading VMM Federated LDAP Properties: federated.ldap.port=636 federated.ldap.bindDN=cn=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=mycompany,dc=com federated.ldap.bindPassword=wpsadmin federated.ldap.ldapServerType=AD2003 federated.ldap.baseDN=dc=mycompany,dc=com federated.ldap.sslEnabled=true federated.ldap.sslConfiguration=NodeDefaultSSLSettings 2. Update the following required parameters in the file under VMM Federated repository properties: federated.primaryAdminId=cn=wpsadmin,cn=users,dc=mycompany,dc=com … Continue reading

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