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Configure Web Server with WebSphere Portal

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1. Install IHS and Plugin using the appropriate installer.

2. Copy the web server definition file such as configureIHS.bat from /HTTPServer/Plugins/bin directory to WP or Dmgr profile  /bin directory.

3.Make sure server1/Dmgr is running.

4. Run the following command to add the IHS definition:

/configureIHS.sh -user wpsadmin -password wpsadmin -ihsAdminPassword ishadmin

5. Restart IHS and server1/Dmgr.


Redirect to WebSphere Portal custom login page from Web Server

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First you need to deploy custom login portlet onto a public page onto “vp” virtual portal. Then add the following lines in httpd.conf file and change IP as per your host:

RedirectMatch ^/wps/myportal/?$ /wps/myportal/vp
RedirectMatch ^/wps/portal/?$ /wps/portal/vp
RedirectMatch ^/$ /wps/portal/vp


Configuring WebSphere Portal v6.1 to use samAccountName as the login

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I was able to resolve the issue by removing the following line from wimconfig.xml file:

<config:loginProperties>cn</config:loginProperties> OR <config:loginProperties>uid</config:loginProperties>

But note that you need to map sAMAccountName in AD with uid in WP.




Add/Remove WebSphere Portal in Windows service

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Run the following commands to add WebSphere Portal into Windows services:

1. WASService -add WebSphere_Portal -servername WebSphere_Portal -profilePath C:IBMWebSpherewp_profile -wasHome C:IBMWebSphereAppServer -logFile  C:IBMWebSpherewp_profilelogsWebSphere_PortalstartServer.log -logRoot C:IBMWebSpherewp_profilelogsWebSphere_Portal -restart true

2. WASService -add  WebSphere_Portal -servername WebSphere_Portal -profilePath C:IBMWebSpherewp_profile -stopArgs “-username wpsadmin -password wpsadmin”

Run the following command to remove WebSphere Portal from Windows services:

WASService.exe -remove WebSphere_Portal



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