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How to find Websphere Portal ports on which it’s listening

– WAS/WP 5-6: C:/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/config/cells/DefaultNode/nodes/DefaultNode/serverindex.xml -> Search key words adminhost, defaulthost, Websphere_Portal, server1 – WP v6.1-7: You can run the following commands to list the ports: -> ConfigEngine.bat list-server-ports -DWasPassword=password -> ConfigEngine.bat list-server-ports-by-name -DServerName=WebSphere_Portal -DwasPassword=password – WAS 6.1-7: C:/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/config/cells/node1/virtualhosts.xml -> Search … Continue reading

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Find WP/WAS repository or registry config in a file

WAS 6.0: C:IBMQuickrwp_profileconfigcellsDefaultNodesecurity.xml WAS 6.1: C:IBMQuickrwp_profileconfigcellsDefaultNodewimconfigwimconfig.xml

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Key store and trust store in WebSphere

A key store (in JSSE terms) stores the personal certificate, which represents the X509Certificate, public key, and private key. This is the representation of the identity of this entity. A key store contains the personal certificates that can be used … Continue reading

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