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Reset WebSphere Portal admin password default file registry

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You can view encryption algorithm in C:IBMWebSpherewp_profileconfigcellsportaladminwimconfigwimconfig.xml which is SHA-1 y default. You can find the admin user id and encrypted password inside the file regsitry at C:IBMWebSpherewp_profileconfigcellsportaladminfileRegistry.xml.

Please  follow the link to reset the password:


The following is the unofficial link to reset passwords in V5.1 and 6.



DB2 usefull commands

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Purpose Command
Start and Stop DB2 server db2start and db2stop (db2stop force)
Restart a database db2 restart db sample
Start and Stop HADR for a db as primary db2 deactivate db sample

db2 start hadr on db sample as primary

db2 stop hadr on db sample as primary

Start and Stop HADR for a db as standby db2 deactivate db sample

db2 start hadr on db sample as standby

db2 stop hadr on db sample as standby

View  the status of HADR db db2 get snapshot for db on sample | grep State

db2pd –d sample –hadr

List db directory db2 list db directory
List  node directory db2 list node directory
List actiave databases db2 list active databases
Initialize db2 command line db2cmd
Connect to a db db2 connect to sample user db2admin using pwd
Disconnect from a db db2 disconnect
List all environment variables db2set –lr
Update a db config parameter db2 update db cfg for sample using param value
Update a dbm config parameter db2 update dbm cfg using param value
List all paramter of a db db2 get db cfg for sample
List all parameter of dbm db2 get dbm cfg
To query a db2 client db2 query client
To set a client parameter db2 set client MAX_NETBIOS_CONNECTIONS 254
Execute a SQL script db2 -tvf /opt/sqlscript.sql
To disconnect or stop all apps d2b force application all
View active db2 process status db2_local_ps
List all applications db2 list applications show details
List tablesspaces of a db db2 list tablespaces show detail
Lsit tables of a db db2 list tables
Rollforward a db db2 rollforward db sample to end of logs and complete
List agents and apps of a db db2pd -db “sample” -applications –agents
Catalog a db node db2 catalog tcpip node db2node remote  [hostname|ip_address] server [svcename|port_number]
Uncatalog a db node db2 uncatalog node node_name
Cataloga  a db catalog database sample as mysample at node db2node
Uncatalog a db db2 uncatalog db sample
List and Update db2 license db2licm -l (-a option will udpate license)
View db2 version db2level
Update number of active databases db2 udpate dbm cfg using NUMDB 12
Backup a db db2 backup db sample to /opt/db2
Restore a db db2 restore db sample from  /opt/db2

vi basic commands

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  • vimtutor -> Basic tutorial
  • vi -r myfile -> Start vi and edit myfile in recovery mode from a system crash
  • :wq -> Save and Exit
  • :q! -> Exit without save
  • :%s/txt1/txt2/g -> Replace all occurances of txt1 with txt2
  • u -> Undo
  • i or Insert key-> Insert
  • I -> Insert at the begning of current line
  • a -> Append at the cursor
  • A -> Append at the end of the line
  • o -> Insert new line below current line
  • O -> Insert new line above current line
  • x -> Delete character
  • dw -> Delete word
  • D -> Delete the rest of the line
  • dd -> Delete current line
  • Esc -> Exit insert mode and switch to command mode
  • : Switch from line to command mode
  • H -> Move cursor at the first line
  • G -> Move the cursor at the last line
  • yy -> Copy current line
  • 3yy -> Copies 3 lines
  • p -> Paste the copied line below the current line
  • /pattern -> Search a pattern or word or string
  • ?pattern -> Search pattern backward
  • n-> Move to the next pattern
  • N-> Move to the previous pattern
  • j -> Down; k-> Up; h-> Left; l-> Right
  • w -> Move cursor to the next word
  • b -> Move cursor to the previous word
  • 0 -> Goto the beggning of the current line
  • $ -> Goto the end of the current line
  • :! wc % -> Counts lines, word and characters
  • :color desert -> set color
  • ~\.vimrc
    • set number
    • synax on
    • set tabstop=4
    • set autoindent

Set ulimit -n (Max open file descriptor parameter)

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1. Add the following line into etc/security/limits.conf file:

*                –       nofile          10240

2. Type logout or exit

3. To view the updated changes type ulimit -a

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