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LDAP / TDS commands

Search: All LDAP entries on non-SSL port: <ldap_install>/bin/ldapsearch -b dc=ibm,dc=com cn=* (OR cn=Ishtiaque*) All LDAP entries on SSL port: <ldap_install>/bin//bin/ldapsearch -Z -K <ldap_install>/etc/key.kdb -P ssl_password -b dc=ibm,dc=com cn=* Note: LDAP server must be configured on SSL port, while key.kdb and … Continue reading

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SQL1041N: The maximum number of concurrent databases have already been started, SQLSTATE=57032

Run the following DB2 DBM cfg command to resolve the above issue: db2 update dbm cfg using NUMDB 12 REFERENCES: 1. 2.

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SQL1117N A connection to or activation of database “sample” cannot be made because of ROLL-FORWARD PENDING. SQLSTATE=57019

I run the following command to resolve the issue: db2 rollforward db sample to end of logs and complete

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