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Install Tivoli Directory Server V6.1

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1. Install DB2 v9.1.

2. Run /tdsV6.1/tds/install_tds.sh

3. Select Custom installation type.

4. Deselect DB2, Embedded WASTivoli Directory Integrator.

5. Create a new instance by running the command /opt/ibm/ldap/V6.1/sbin/idsxinst with root user.

6. Select create a new directory server instance.

7. Create a new user idsinst, enter idsldap in Primary group field. The user Home directory would be created by default inside /home directory with user name.

8. Enter seed string abcdef123456. The instance would be created by default in /home/idsinst directory.

9. Select idsinst for DB2 instance name.

10. Accept defaults for TCP/IP settings.

12. Enter cn=root in Administrator DN and appropriate password in the password field.

13. Deselect Configure Database and proceed.

14.Follow all the steps in the following post to check and correct the known issues that occur during configuration of db2  idsinst.


15. Run the following command to create the idsinst database.


16. Enter, idsinst in Database user, in password field enter the same password that you set for the user idsinst in step-7idsdb in Database name field.

14. Review the settings and click Finsh.

Note: After sucessfully configuring idsinst. If you  get the following errors in /home/idsinst/idsslapd-idsinst/logs/db2cli.log file during running TDS instance or any administration task,

SQL1652N File I/O error occured.

SQL1031N The database directory can’t be found on the indicated file system. SQLSTATE=58031

Then you need to export DB2INSTANCE variable to idsnist in /etc/profile.   Read the following post for details:



1. http://www.symmetricwebsites.com/articles/tivoli/installingTivoliDirectoryServerOnRHEL5.php


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